Reliable and efficient heating and cooling is important in keeping you and your family healthy and comfortable. Keeping the air in your home warm during winter and cool during summer can help reduce respiratory ailments and reduce the risk of heat stroke. It can also reduce the likelihood of dangerous mould making its home on your windows and walls.

Fit & Fix Electrical can help you with your heating and cooling needs, being proficient in the installation of both reverse cycle split systems and ceiling fans.

What are split systems?

Today’s splits systems are more efficient than ever, allowing you to keep you and your family at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Split systems are comprised of an indoor unit which is installed on an interior wall and an outdoor unit which is placed on an exterior wall of your home.

They have minimal impact to your decor and provide both heating and cooling to your room.

They are run by remote control and some systems also have wifi capabilities and can be run by your smart phone.

You can time your split systems to turn on and off, so you can come home to a warm or cool house after a long day at work without wasting money from the system being on all day!

Which size system is right for your heating and cooling needs?

There are a few factors that can affect which system will meet your needs the best. For example, location of windows, flooring type, house layout and house orientation are just a few things that can impact the size and location of system that will be the most efficient option for you. Fit & Fix Electrical can assist you on determining what system is right for your needs and budget and ensure that you get the most out of your split system.

As a general rule however, the table below gives an indication of the size of the room each system can service.

Heating and Cooling
Room sizeCapacity
Up to 20 sq m2–2.5kW
20–40 sq m2.5–5kW
40–60 sq m4–6kW
60–80 sq m5–7kW
80+ sq m6–9kW

Maintaining your split system

All heating and cooling systems require maintenance, and split systems do require maintenance, but this is minimal and will help keep your energy bills down and your system working for many years to come.

When quality matters – we are the official installer of Hitachi for Mitchell Shire and surrounds!

To find out more about these quality split systems with a six year warranty, available exclusively through accredited dealers click here.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an affordable and efficient way to stay cool in Spring, Autumn and Summer. They help circulate airflow in rooms, preventing that stuffy feeling often felt on those warmer nights. Perfect for bedrooms or living areas, they are available in a range of colours and designs and can be controlled either by Switch or remote control.

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