Manufactured in Australia, our electric roller shutters offer potential heating and cooling energy savings of up to 40% and noise reduction of up to 50%. In addition to this, our shutters offer weather protection against rain, high winds and flying debris, fire protection against radiant heat and airborne ashes and privacy and visual deterrent against forced entry.

What is the purpose of roller shutters?

Roller Shutters are a great solution for many issues including:

Save on heating and cooling – Electric roller shutters can be an effective way to help keep you home cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Lighter coloured shutters offer the best solution for keeping your home cool as they are best at reflecting the light and heat away from your home. In cooler areas such as Kilmore, Broadford, Lancefield and Kyneton, they can be a great way to keep your house warm and prevent condensation occurring on your windows which can lead to mould and mildew. Perfect for West, East and North facing windows, and being electric you can easily open your shutters once the sun has past.

Reducing outside noise – Aluminium roller shutters are very effective at reducing outside noise. They are perfect for reducing noise from neighbours as well as traffic and wind noise.

Weather protection – Aluminium roller shutters help protect your windows from storm damage by providing a physical barrier against rain, wind and flying debris. Perfect for windows that face gum trees or windy areas such as Wallan, Wandong/Heathcote Junction and homes on hillsides.

Fire protection against radiant heat and airborne ashes – Aluminium roller shutters provide protection against radiant heat and airborne ashes from bush and grass fires. Perfect for country areas, if safe, switch your shutters to the closed position before you leave your house for safety to help protect your home.

Privacy and visual deterrent against forced entry – Aluminium roller shutters vary in degrees of security, with thinner and thicker options available. The standard residential shutters provide complete privacy and some degree of security with more secure options available for shop fronts and factories.

Blockout from light – Electric roller shutters provide blockout from light in a matter of seconds with just a touch of a button. Making it a great option for shift workers or nursery windows.

How much do roller shutters cost?

Electric Roller Shutters vary in cost depending on they type and additional extras that you choose. We pride ourselves in providing a quality product for an affordable and competitive price. Our pricing includes full installation with a certificate of electrical safety. Getting a quote is easy, you can either give us a call and organise a time to have your windows measured, or, you can send us your approximate window measurements with photos. If you are happy with the price we will do an accurate measure and organise a time to come and fit your shutters.

Electric roller shutters are an investment and should last you for many many years. They provide many benefits as listed above and add value to your home. You may like to add shutters gradually when your budget allows.

How easy are roller shutters to use?

Unlike older types of shutters, our shutters are sleek and modern and come with easy and convenient switches, remotes and even wifi options. Gone are the days when shutters permanently stayed down due to inconvenience of manual handles. Our shutters allow you to block out sun, noise and light when you need to, and allow it back in in seconds.

Available in a range of colours, our shutters can be installed either ‘on wall’ or ‘reveal fit’, giving you a range of options to suit your home. They are hardwired, meaning you never have to worry about battery replacement or manually opening and shutting them. The convenience of electrical shutters means that at a touch of a switch you can go from broad daylight to pitch black in a matter of seconds.

Great for shift workers, nurseries, north facing windows, or any room of the house in which you want privacy, noise reduction and potential savings on heating and cooling.

We offer a FREE measure and quote in our service area, so what are you waiting for? Call or email us to find out more.